Thursday, December 31, 2015

To The "Resolutioners" Eyeing The Gym

It's that time of year again.

New Year's Eve. That means January 1st is tomorrow. Those of us in the fitness world know all too well what's about to happen...

The gym is about to get crushed.

Yes, the annual Gympocalypse is upon us once more. "They" are coming. "They" - those who claim "Yes, THIS will be my year! This time, this time by golly I'll actually do it!".

I can hear my fellow gym-goers already.

"Ah shit..." - "Don't worry, they'll be gone in a few weeks." - etc. Gym rats the world over already hate these people about to invade their holy spaces, and they're not shy about sending the message of "you're not welcome. Be Gone, you of weak mind and body."

I know these "resolutioners" all too well.

Yes, I know your type. I've got your number. I know what you're all about, how you tick, and what, exactly, the formula here is. I know how this is going to

I have my own message for you...

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I've had some realizations lately - 

and I can sum them up quite simply:

People suck.

OK, that's the harsh, short, exaggerated version. But... there it is.

So why would I think that?

Person A:
"I want to run a marathon!" /  "Let's go do a 5K!" / "I signed up for an obstacle course race!" / "Wanna come with me to the gym?"

Person B:
"You're nuts." / "That's crazy." / "You have fun with that." / ""

...I have a problem with this. And you should too. This is a symptom of a bigger problem.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Back In The Saddle - F.I.T. Challenge IV Recap

It was a long road from the 2014 Killington Beast back to OCR for me. The 6 months prior to this event had been a constant battle to regain strength, speed, and motivation. This race reminded me why I love running races, why I put myself through these things, and why I bother with "health & fitness" at all.

On Saturday, 4/11/15, I ran F.I.T. Challenge IV - Epic F.I.T. and I have to was exactly what I needed. It challenged me, it tested me, it pushed me, and it renewed my drive for all things health & fitness!

So what was so great about Epic F.I.T.? How does it rank? Why was I so sore the next day...and so happy about it? 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Struggle, Teamwork, & Success - Spartan Beast VT 2015

I thought I was looking for redemption.

I came to the mountain on a mission. The Beast broke me last year...and though I got my didn't feel like a true victory. At the end there was no celebration. No camaraderie. No reveling in our success with hugs, beers, laughter and high fives. I came back looking for what I thought was taken from me. To correct my mistake. I thought I

As it turns out...I was wrong.

What I found and what I learned was much more valuable and worthwhile than that. Too bad it took me a year to figure it out.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fool Me Once...

There's no turning back now.

A lot of words, feelings, and thoughts are going to be expressed fall out of my face right now that may not make sense. For the sake of the uninformed...

In four days I will, for the second time, be taking on the Spartan Beast at Mt. Killington, VT.
Those who have done this event before, like me, get it. Those who have not...probably have an incredible sense of dread and anticipation. For those who are interested, you can read my rambling, complainey recap of last year's race. Buckle up, it's a long one.

Through all the raging emotions...somehow... I've managed to find a little zen. There are some undeniable truths about this race that, if embraced, will help us all find a little solace, a little calm, and a little sleep in these final few days leading up to the mountain.