Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pineland 50 - The Come-Down

It still hasn't sunk in.

I ran a 50 mile ultramarathon...

Wow. Honestly I'm still in disbelief. whole thing.

I learned a lot during Pineland 50...both about myself and about life in general. I know, that sounds corny, cheesy, and painfully cliche...but it is what it is.

I've been pretty lazy for the last two weeks (yikes)'s about time I get back on it, get back into "training mode", and finally put together this race report.

And gee willy, what a race report it is...

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ultramarathons - Understanding Why

As I sit here... at 4 am...staring at the calm, quiet, not-yet-sunlit festival area...I find myself marveling at this whole thing.


Like...this is really a thing...and I'm freaking DOING it today...


It has occurred to me at several points throughout this journey that many people don't really get it. Like...ok, you want a big achievement, you work hard and go do a marathon...good for you, that's a big deal. Now shut up about it and go to work on Monday.

But longer? ...why?

It's only now, sitting here, hours from the start, that I truly understand why I'm here.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Quest For 100

In the last three years I've learned a lot about myself, my body, and what we're all capable of. I've witnessed people achieve some amazing transformations, milestones and accomplishments, and I've had my own fair share as well. With each success I have, each wall I break down...I can't help but want to see what's next. What ELSE can be accomplished that was previously "impossible"?

I kind of threw this out there at the end of the year...but didn't really get into it. This past November I decided to leap off the edge and see, once and for all, how deep the rabbit hole really goes. I decided to see just how far I can come from my starting point of 305 lbs. I decided 2016 is the year of the Ultramarathon.

The final challenge? 100 miles.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Solving Muscle Soreness - The Secret Sauce

I should have been SUPER sore.

A couple of weeks ago I ran my fastest 20 miler EVER. I should've been sore as hell at SOME point the following week. And I wasn't. The only thing that hurt was the new blisters I earned from being an idiot. And even THOSE were fine by Tuesday. As a matter of fact, that Tuesday I knocked out a pretty fast 4 miles in the freshly blizzarded roads of my New England neighborhood.

What Gives?

Why was I not sore? Why did I feel nothing even remotely resembling the bedridden crippleness I would expect from such a (relatively) hard 3 hour and 38 minute effort Sunday?

It's because I found the secret sauce.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

To The "Resolutioners" Eyeing The Gym

It's that time of year again.

New Year's Eve. That means January 1st is tomorrow. Those of us in the fitness world know all too well what's about to happen...

The gym is about to get crushed.

Yes, the annual Gympocalypse is upon us once more. "They" are coming. "They" - those who claim "Yes, THIS will be my year! This time, this time by golly I'll actually do it!".

I can hear my fellow gym-goers already.

"Ah shit..." - "Don't worry, they'll be gone in a few weeks." - etc. Gym rats the world over already hate these people about to invade their holy spaces, and they're not shy about sending the message of "you're not welcome. Be Gone, you of weak mind and body."

I know these "resolutioners" all too well.

Yes, I know your type. I've got your number. I know what you're all about, how you tick, and what, exactly, the formula here is. I know how this is going to

I have my own message for you...